British Tourist in India Jumps Out of Window to Avoid Sexual Assault

The facade of an Indian hotel, where a British tourist reportedly  jumped from in an attempt t...

The facade of an Indian hotel, where a British tourist reportedly
 jumped from in an attempt to escape a sexual assault

A British tourist visiting Agra, home of the famous Taj Mahal, was sent to hospital after jumping from a first-floor hotel window to escape the possibility of being raped.

The woman, who is in her 30's, had been traveling on a tourist visa in India for a week. She had reportedly asked for a wake-up call for 04:00 am. When the hotel owner knocked on her door to wake her up, he spoke to her through the door, offering her a massage.

According to Pawan Kumar, the police superintendent in Agra, when the woman would not open the door, the manager returned with a second man and attempted to open the door to her room with a key.

The woman then panicked and jumped through the window to escape his advances. She apparently received a leg fracture from the jump and was taken to hospital for treatment.

Kumar said "She got frightened so she ran to the other end of the room and jumped out of the window."

Deputy superintendent of the Agra Police, Swaranjeet, said the victim had suffered a ligament fracture in one leg but her injuries were not serious.

"But she is very scared and has cancelled her plans to keep traveling in India. She just wants to return home," she added.

A spokesman for the British High Commission says that a British consular team will travel to Agra to provide assistance to the woman, who has been moved to a different hotel.

Police arrested the hotel owner, Sachin Chauhan, who says that because the woman did not respond to an intercom call, he went to her room, merely to wake her up.

With recent sexual assaults against women in the country, the British Foreign Office recently updated its advice for women visiting India, telling women that they should be extra cautious when traveling alone on public transport, especially at night.

Due to the recent attack on a Swiss tourist, who was raped while her husband was forced to watch, it has been shown that foreign women, as well as locals, are at risk in the country.



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