New Technology That Will Eliminate Monitors and Screens

Meet Maxim, the young inventor of a truly jaw-dropping new technology with limitless applications that will eliminate the need for screens...

Meet Maxim, the young inventor of a truly jaw-dropping new technology with limitless applications that will eliminate the need for screens and monitors -- and all manner of electronic junk, Displair.

Displair is interactive Fog display putting in the air any image you like, an image stays totally penetrable for physical objects. The device is empowered by multi-touch, optical system, making it possible to control the image in the air by gestures only, without using special markers, gloves and other gadgets.

Nowadays, Displair refers not only to the product itself but to the company, developing the project and content for screenless displays. The name comprises two roots – “display” and “air” in order to underline the essence and functions of the devise. The first time the name Displair was announced was in the end of July, 2010 right after Seliger 2010,  where its developer Maxim Kamanin introduced his project.

The inventor of Displair and the Director general of the company is Maksim Kamanin. The origins of the idea and examination of theoretic base dates back to the end of 2009. During the period of scientific research the developer of the gadget studied natural optical phenomena: mirage, fog. Finally the choice was made in favor of substation close to clouds. The first operating prototype was constructed in June, 2010 and introduced to Russian President Medvedev in the framework of Seliger forum. In August of the same year Displair company was created and the project transformed to Startup, from the IT sphere due to the fact that it implied creation and development of Computer appliance. In 2011 the optical multi-touch system was created for Displair that enabled users to move objects despite the fact that the device is screenless and penetrable. Enhanced sample of Displair won the majority of competitions dedicated to the sphere of innovations and became well known abroad.

By May 2012 the company obtained $1 mln investment. Funds are meant for further development of the prototype, technology licensing and launching the first small-scale production. Nowadays the Displair company is the resident of Skolkovo innovation center and IT-park in Kazan.

Displair puts multimedia content in the air. Image (drawing, picture, video) is physically penetrable. The basis of image is thin cold stable air flow with tiny particles of water protected from the wind, produced by cavitation method. The particles of water are so small that due to their size and strong surface stress they stay stable even after clash with physical objects, don’t leave wet traces, don’t freeze up to −50°С and can exist till +50°С. The characteristics of water particles and aerodynamic features of the devise contribute to the integrity and stability of image by the penetration of outside objects.

Optical multi-touch system, based on the computer vision technology allows to control images of screenless display with fingers or with other objects and manages to work with 1500 touches simultaneously with delay time of less than 0.2 seconds. The systems makes it possible not only to maintain multiuser regime but also to identify more complex gestures than the existing multi-touch systems of interactive displays can do. Extra flavoring of image is also possible.

Displair is also empowered by the function of interaction with mobile devices that enables users to exchange files.

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