Censorship: Facebook deletes pages of political activists

The “Like” page for the website is the newest victim in the latest iteration of Facebook’s curious censorship purge...

The “Like” page for the website is the newest victim in the latest iteration of Facebook’s curious censorship purge. The news was brought to light Monday afternoon after a screenshot of the Facebook notice was posted on the front page of Knowledge of Today. The “Like” page, a profile for nonhuman entities or to manage a celebrity/public figure, was “unpublished” by Facebook and a notice was sent to the admins after the fact, however no reason was given for the sudden censorship.

The popularity of the page was overwhelmingly clear with 542,631 “likes” prior to removal.

The only recourse for the page owners is an appeal process that is likely to be an impersonal, one sided process resulting in the affirmation of the decision by Facebook.

It is easy to dismiss the outrage of the page owners, but the attitudes of half a million people that follow a page because it puts out information on suppressed knowledge?

The website Knowledge of Today, and the Facebook page by extension, is one of the many sites proliferating by generating content (known as the truth) friendly to the growing movement of “truthseekers” who are networking in ever greater numbers thanks to social media. What kind of content does that entail? Usually the site posts news that doesn’t get reported by “mainstream media” outlets in the proper frequency or analyzed in the proper context, if at all. Things included in this are unpopular not just with many corporate sponsors of these networks, but also with the viewers that don’t understand what that news means because they don’t have access to genuine analysis. These are topics like the real motives behind and the pulse of protests, revolutions, and wars.

KoT’s site also spreads knowledge about the spiritual, esoteric and metaphysical knowledge of the universe as it relates to the human perception of our connection to the world around us, which is suppressed in popular culture. The subjects posted by this site are many and varied but typically center around the theme of greater knowledge and consciousness in efforts to foster a more peaceful and harmonious existence not just for humans but all life on earth. How is it that such wholesome topics are not welcome to be shared but there are many pages that simply spread messages of hate or praise inappropriate subjects like pedophilia, abuse of animals, racial or classist hate propaganda and more and certainly violate the terms of use more than a page such as Knowledge of Today?

The most likely reason for the censorship was the spreading of anti New World Order news, with the goal of stopping the full-on enslavement of the “middle class” and working poor. The New World Order is not some crackpot term or just a “conspiracy theory” as Vice President Joe Biden reminded the world of just last week using those exact words. WTF News has documented the rise in big brother style censorship which is much more rampant at an individual level directed at the personal profiles of users that seek out this information. The draconian, fascist censorship is much harder to prove at a personal level, which usually involved bans on adding friends, liking/commenting a status or post, sending messages and more, in varying durations from 24 hours to up to 30 days.

The conversation can be had about exactly what the rights of people are on a private network with relatively extensive terms of use, but this pattern, if genuine, is one that is a polar opposite to the stated mission and ethos of Facebook as a company which CEO Mark Zuckerberg continuously espouses as wholesome and open.

This is all against the backdrop of a company with capital and support links to the CIA and NSA, as well as a favored status in Washington, receiving a $429 million tax refund. Troubling times for a company who is continuously falling further out of favor with the public over the scope of privacy concerns. The facade of Facebook is also being tarnished by reports of millions of fake profiles on the network pumping up the numbers of some large clients, as well as the inability to generate enough revenue and potential to satisfy the thirsty Wall Street crowd. People can only play so many ridiculous, mind numbing, time-wasting games brought to you by Zynga and others who pad the bottom line for the company now being traded on the stock market.

The page tagline was as about as unoffensive as it gets on Facebook.
There are two ways of spreading light, to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it.
The totality of the situation is summed up well by this comment.
also, I guess many people have stopped playing the zynga games (which they make you pay) and started realizing that many of us got off the farm for a while to explore our real minds and expand our knowledge. its a control thing. FB, really needs to be petitioned on this. its social networking, that is turning into communist networking.
The troubling factors behind the future of Facebook is emblematic of the quickened pace of the information war, more people are seeking out information which is being actively thwarted by companies in bed with the large spy network of the world’s shadow governments that our digital experience is laid on top of. Information exposing the criminality of this status quo world is not welcome on Facebook.

The outrage is growing as already someone has started a “like” page to protest and the Knowledge of Today team has gone back to using an old backup page.

Facebook Restricts Profile Of WTF News Editor After Sharing Article On KnowledgeOfToday Censorship 

The retribution is swift apparently. Just a few hours after finishing the article on KnowledgeOfToday Censorship, WTF News editor Baran Hines was sharing the article with other Facebook page admins when he was notified that functionality had been restricted on his profile. Based on the nature of Facebook “spam” policies, it doesn’t appear that he violated the automatic time algorithms as the activity was spread out over time so as to not be abusive. According to Hines, he had posted the one link into 5 Facebook groups, shared it with 2 anti New World Order facebook page admins, posted it to the wall of a friend who consented and messaged the link to two other friends. The most plausible explanation for the censorship is the subject matter and parties involved in sharing, otherwise the automatic algorithms would restrict a lot more profiles for more frequent offenses.




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