Metal Wires Bursting Out Of A Indonesian Woman's Body

 Metal wires about 10-20 cm long grow from a woman's body! Skeptics initially thought that is must be "self-inflicted". Doc...

 Metal wires about 10-20 cm long grow from a woman's body! Skeptics initially thought that is must be "self-inflicted". Doctors however, have other theories but have given up on providing any scientific or medical explanations.

The woman had this problem for 17 years and currently being investigated by the Ministry of Health. Initial consultation with doctors and specialists found that the wires are also inside her body.

Her name is NOORSYAIDAH. A 40 years old kindergarten teacher from Sangatta, East Kutai. Her first symptoms started manifestating in 1991. The metal wires grew out of her chest and her belly. There was no explanation then (or even now). During the first week wires kept falling off from her body and were gone. A month later, the wires grew back again and from that time onward the wires did not fall. They kept growing!

One of her sisters said that she tried to help by trimming the wires. Alas, whenever she trimmed the wires, the wire retreated as if it were hiding and then popped up in another part of Noorsyaidah’s body.

There have been 4 Medical Specialists taking this matter seriously and have treated her in several ways. And as the result, doctors can’t figure out what exactly is happening to her. The doctors have taken an X-Ray image from her stomach and found that there are more than 40 metal wires inside her and some of them are bursting out of her skin. They looks like a living phenomenon. The wires are able mobile and therefore can change location at will, Thus the doctors are forced to use a magnet to scan the exact position of the wires. The wires bursted out without any symptoms of Tetanus, but she said that they’re hurting her like when needles sting.




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  1. It would be interesting to know what the 'wire' was made of? Is it a manmade material - an amalgamation of metals? For if we are to believe the body is producing them, or they have just appeared and invaded her body somehow, then surely this 'wire' would also be a unique substance and not seen [made] by man before. However, if it's wire produced say in China, and commonly found in other products or used as something else, then it would appear her body is undergoing some kind procedure, such as body peircing, and like when someone has a metal ear-ring or belly ring inserted in their naval or private parts, have they have gone that one step further [mind you; clitoris piercings are quite a step forward, as is circumsition!] and inserted wire to give it that 'shocking' look, - as perhaps there is a money-earner for those involved in such a 'deceit' or is it a new "Goth-Fashion!!"

  2. I am Indonesian and I have heard and seen similar unique incident like this. It is not a camera trick for sure because this is one of the black magic that is used commonly in rural areas. Practice of voodoos are still common in rural and villages in my country. Often this type of anomalies can't be cured by medicines. One must usually ask help from a priest or ustad depends on the religion they believe in.




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