New World Order Quotes You Have Never Seen That Prove The New World Order is Real

New World Order Quotes date back to 1932, a time when the new world order wasn’t openly spoken about. Former President George Bush Seni...

New World Order Quotes date back to 1932, a time when the new world order wasn’t openly spoken about.

Former President George Bush Senior was first to truly popularize the term.

He was famously quoted as saying “Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective – a new world order – can emerge”.

What many people don’t know is that Mikhail Gorbachev also frequently used the term well before Former President George Bush Senior did.

Even more interesting is that Adolf Hitler also used the term.

January 30 1941 Adolf Hitler was quoted as saying “I am convinced that 1941 will be the crucial year of a great new order in Europe” during a speech in the Berlin Sportpalast.

But Hitler’s description of the promised utopia he so frequently rambled on about is not much different from today’s promises of a New World Order from Barak Obama and the other Globalists. Note, especially, that he claimed nations would settle their disputes peacefully by conciliation. That’s one of the key claims for the New World Order.

New World Order Quotes

  1. I call myself a League of Nations man. I define a League of Nations man as one who believes not only in the necessity for, but in the possibility of developing a new world order in which the moral forces of the world would exercise decisive control over the relationship of states. Source: Sir John Simon, British Foreign Secretary (1932)
  2. This new world order is not being constructed for the benefit of American workers and their families, but for the benefit of a corporate and financial elite that has no loyalty, except to the bottom line of a balance sheet. Source: Former republican presidential candidate, Patrick Buchanan
  3. If we are either to resist defeat or readjust ourselves to a new world order of streamlined, steel-plated serf-states in our time. It will be imperative that we mobilize in America, both in business management and government, a creative capacity and sense of responsibility greater than we have ever known in the past. Source: Virgil Jordan, former president of the National Industrial Conference Board
  4. “It is just as important that we have a definitive and positive plan to assure full production and full employment in the United States when the war is over”. Senator Taft then said “As it is to work out a new world order”. Source: Republican Senator Robert Taft, Ohio (Jan 16, 1942)
  5. Under those circumstances, it is not inconceivable that the American continents with Africa and the far east, the British Isles and the various islands of the Pacific, could be gathered into a single world order, not necessarily a political, bus and economic organisation, tied together by the Maritime strands of communication as the British Empire was tied together and that the beginnings of a new world order based on a philosophy of freedom and justice could now be undertaken as a direct reply to this sort of new world order that is being so loudly proclaimed from Berlin and was at any rate yesterday, but not quite so loudly today being proclaimed from Rome. Source: Major George Fielding Elliot, United States Navy (Dec 18, 1940).
  6. How a politicized press operates under the new world order as describe by Raschid Osman, former editor of Guyana’s government owned daily, the Chronicle. “I must support all government policies, but I am free to criticise implementation. This allows me to create the illusion of independence”. Source: Raschid Osman, former editor of Guyana’s government owned daily, the Chronicle 
  7. The two sides agree to further efforts “to assist in the development of a multipolar world and the establishment of a new world orderSource: In a press release from the Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C (1997). \
  8. The NATO air strikes against Yugoslav territories are not based on international legitimacy or the UN Charter. They seek to establish a new world order through which the United States can serve its interests, strengthen its international political and military influence, and dwarf the political role of the former communist countries, especially Russia and China. Source: Former Egyptian Ambassador Abdullah al-Ash’al, assistant foreign minister for political planning (1999).
  9. A whole new world order is in the process of being created. It includes a new monetary system, changes pattern of trade, revised east-west relationships, a reorganisation of defence attitudes, a reshuffling of energy policies and a restructuring of power. Source: Ray Vicker from the New York Times (Mar 28, 1973)
  10. look, if this is the new world order, who wants it? Source: Former Prime Minister of Turkey Turgut Ozal
  11. We can see a new world order coming into view. Source: Former President of the United States George Bush Senior (Mar 29, 1991)
  12. The indications are that Locarno may be the greatest advance of modern times towards a new world orderThe Locarno Treaties were seven agreements negotiated at Locarno, Switzerland, on 5 October – 16 October 1925 and formally signed in London on 3 December, in which the First World War Western European Allied powers and the new states of central and Eastern Europe sought to secure the post-war territorial settlement, and return normalizing relations with defeated Germany (which was, by this time, the Weimar Republic). Source: Unknown; from the quarterly review of Dillon, Read & Co. (Wall Street Journal, 09 Nov 1925)


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