The Legend of the Robinson Lamia, The Robinson's Half-Human Half-Snake

Half-Human Half-Snake

 By Ken Lace

The belief of a snake twin is very old, way back 17th century, when Fray Ignacio Francisco Alzina's 1668 "History of the Bisayan Islands" mentioned about it. Remember Amaya - the main character in GMA Channel 7's TV series entitled Amaya? The idea of snake twin of Amaya came from him.

While for Chinese, snake is a good-luck charm for businesses, that's the reason why some of them keep snakes in their house, more especially in bodega. Well, animals should be fed. (You'll know what I mean.)

It is a supernatural being (definitely a monster) which is almost incredible but many people do believe it exist. No one knows the exact figure of what it truly look like (maybe similar to that picture above), just, they said, it is a Half-Human Half-Snake

This incident and/or urban legend became famous in the midst of '80s.

They said it dwells in a secret room (or in the basement, or over the building) of the Robinson's Galleria along EDSA, Ortigas.

John Gokongwei, owner of Robinsons and Universal Robina Corporation, is said to be the father (some say, it is his pet only) of this creature. It is the twin brother of Robina Gokongwei, the daughter of John Gokongwei. 

It became famous because of Alice Dixson, a popular actress in the Philippines during the late 80's and early 90's.

According to some news and information, the Robinson snake man has a spy cam that enables him to see beautiful woman who use the dressing room of the mall. If the Robinson Snakeman wants to get the girl to eat her or just to have fun, all he had to do is to click the switch button that commands the floor from the dressing room to open. Well Alice is very unfortunate that day because she used the wrong dressing room. Alice fell down the snakes dungeon and she is supposed to be eaten but she is able to escape.

Alice was questioned about this in a TV talk show, but while in the middle of conversation between her and the host, the show was cut abruptly for some reason. Then when it came back again, Alice was no where in the show any more. Now, whenever she is interviewed about this, she often keeps her silence. According to the news, Gokongwei family paid Alice Dixon a large amount of money just to keep her mouth quiet about the issue, and asked her to leave the country and go to Canada. The lawyer allegedly hired to settle the affair was Solicitor Frank Chavez.

There is no assurance if the story about Alice is real or not but the fact she is silent about the issue, makes you think, it is probably real. Alice Dixon never confirmed this story whenever she is interviewed about it.

Unfortunately, there is. According to my interviewees, there are two women became victim of this snake. The two are employees of the same mall.

Parents of the ladies came to the mall to know and find out where their daughters go, and why they didn't go home anymore. The mall's manager only said, Maybe they go with there boyfriends secretly and decided not to go home any more. But when they checked out the time cards of the two employees, they found out that the two didn't go out of there work yet.


Robinsons Galleria

In a speech Gokongwei-Pe gave in 2008 at the University of the Philippines’ School of Economics, she tackled the rumors, telling the graduating students:

“You were not born yet when the story of my kakambal na ahas who was half-woman, half-snake came out when we opened our second Robinsons Department Store branch in Cebu in 1985. My kakambal was supposed to be the source of our wealth as she laid golden eggs. She was supposed to be hiding under the floor of the fitting rooms, and every time a beautiful woman would enter, the floor would open and she would land right inside the mouth of my kakambal na ahas.

"I have no idea who started this incredible story, but I have to tell you that some people believed it and even started staring at my legs to see if there were any signs of snakeskin. A few people still ask me about it, and I have to tell them na naging handbag na ho sa Robinsons Department Store.

"Thank goodness there was no Internet yet at that time, or you would start receiving photos of me with a snake’s body and my kakambal na snake with a woman’s legs,” she said." The ABS-CBN reported. [LINK]


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  1. the same story that had been circulating from people here in Davao. one of the well known mall owned by chinese investor here in davao had this "snake kakambal" who also lays golden eggs and eats whosoever the snake desire to eat when a woman will fall down from the fitting rooms floor.
    another thing, the snake is traveled from davao to another branch of the mall in a nearby town in davao del norte which is tagum.
    i find it, a little too convincing since we knew a man who has a connection to the family who definitely knew the situation and knew that the size would have been too big enough to fit a typical L300 van.

  2. ill comment on this, my mom was a former lady guard on this particular department store before the 2000, the story is real, and the rumors are true. but before we judge it. let us look forward what nature can do. there is so much that cannot explain. there are things that far more unimaginable this is the twist in human nature. it explains that not all will go on a natural way. phenomena like this is a great thing that ever happen on humans. treat it as a gift. a gift of new knowledge in exploring life itself!.

  3. When i was just in my early teen..
    Me and my mom, were riding a bus.
    The bus that we rode on, pass by that mall, got halted by traffic, and after 15mins, we saw miss Alice Dixon.
    She was running, out from the mall, barefooted, and wore a torned dress that reveals her undergarments.

  4. D ku alam n totoo pla c cassiopeia, haha mgkamuka cla ng champion s league of legends e




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