Researcher arrested for exposing Sandy Hook truth

A researcher has been arrested with a $50,000 bail for simply investigating Newtown. This is concrete evidence that they have a lot to hid...

A researcher has been arrested with a $50,000 bail for simply investigating Newtown. This is concrete evidence that they have a lot to hide. We will be doing everything we can to spread the message and free Scotty!

It’s for real this time. A Sandy Hook researcher is in serious trouble for exposing the truth.

Jonathan Reich, better known on YouTube as Scott or Scotty Walker, has been arrested for his activities in exposing the truth behind the Sandy Hook event. He made some of the most groundbreaking videos of the Sandy Hook investigation. His YouTube channel was shut down three times and he returned each time with a different name.

Jonathan is 22 years old and taking the fall for the Sandy Hook truth. His bond was set at 50 thousand dollar and his court date is June 5th, in Connecticut. He has done nothing unconstitutional. This is Lt. Vance his threat being carried out! Jonathan is the first to go down. The arrest report is linked below in the description.

Some of you may recall his video wherein he disguised his voice and called the office of Wayne Carver, Medical Examiner. He made the call to ask questions based on the fact that Carver was involved in a cover-up. Carver assisted in passing a law one year before the Sandy Hook event, sealing all future pediatric homicide reports from the public! This, in effect, allows his office to distort records or even fake deaths. The call was also made to ask why Noah Pozner’s mother stated that Noah was not autopsied on her request, but Carver said he did autopsy Noah.

At no point did Jonathan threaten Carver with any personal injury. He only spoke with the secretary and he simply let her know that people are aware there was a cover-up and lies being told by Carver’s administration. As Vance said, “anyone who contacts the people of Newtown will be arrested”. It has happened to Jonathan Reich. Please spread this message throughout the entire research community. This is wrong. Jonathan’s charges should be cleared.



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  1. This is actually a blessing in disguise. Think about it! He will have to present his research and facts to help clear his name...we could dump all the facts out in Court and finally blow a lid of this thing. We need to start a fundraiser to get him out of jail and hire an Attorney on the side of exposing Sandy Hook for what it is...




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