Cakra: The Ancient Weapon Of Mass Destruction

Cakra: The Ancient Weapon Of Mass Destruction

The nuclear weapons existed in the ancient times and the evidence of their amazing power can be still found in modern days. These weapons were reportedly used during the war of Kurukshetra as documented in the Mahabharata. It is my hope that with this article we could reveal the truth about this ancient nuclear weapons. Prior to the invention of the atom bomb and nuclear war-head of present day, did we, as human ever faced such dangerous and destructive events? Certain factual text described in this article is being compared to that of the Mahabharata.

Angels and Gods from the Mahabharata

Lord Krishna in the Mahabharata was known as the Almighty. His very existence was quite difficult to pinpoint. However, what was clearly evident was that the word “Krish” which means “place” and “Na” means “high” or “highest” in the celestial world. It was also mentioned that Lord Krishna dwelled on the 20th planet called Krishnaloka. Lord Krishna was the ultimate ruler in the highest order amongst the Gods known then.

From the sacred rays that were being transmitted from his back shoulder He created Lord Wishnu who was responsible for the fine behavior and manner of the human kind in this world. Wishnu leaves in the sky that was then known as “blue ocean” or Indraloka.  Lord Brahma, on the other hand (who breathes instincts and needs) also was created though the same manner from Lord Krishna’s sacred rays. He dwelled on the 19th planet.

Lord Shiva, sacred spirit from Lord Wishnu, came to being from the lotus flower. Lord Shiva was the Lord of destruction and foolishness. Lord Shiva demonstrates his destructive ways when the human world faces war, over-population and famine. The destruction from typhoons, tornadoes, tsunamis, wars and the like were all the work of Lord Shiva. It was said to be the punishment of the planet.

Cakra: The Ancient Weapon Of Mass Destruction


Mahabharata is an epic describing the war called “Kurukshetra” between Pandavas(Pendawa 5) and Hastina(Astino). It also describes the role of “Ibu Pendawa 5”, Dewi Kunti who possesses untold powers. In this war, there was a warrior that was lead by Lord Krishna; named Arjuna. The parties at war were relatives of Arjuna. Within this war, there was this sacred meditation that was formed as guidance to the people when their spirits were lacking. Krishna taught Arjuna about the art of self- defense as well as the finer inner spirit as a human being. It was also believed that Yoga and Yogi were introduced during this period and was upgraded to the ranks of “Roh”, “Rah” and “Brahmana”.

Apart from the relationship between Gods and humans during this war period, one other important aspect worth our attention is the invention of WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction). It was  given to Arjuna by the Lord Krishna to serve as a protective shield for the truth to be successful. It is not clearly said how these WMD were made available to Arjuna, but to the warring families, it was no longer a secret.
This WMD during the Kurukshetra war was known as “Cakra”. “Cakra” was the most destructive of all weapons that was given personally by Lord Krishna and Lord Wisnu; called it by the other name of “Sudal Sana” which was more powerful than “Barma Satara” the other WMD. It was said that if released, it would generate a great hot ray, reddish sky and fire-ball.

“Cakra” Launched (Ancient Nuclear)

During the chaos of the said war, one of Arjuna’s cousins launched the 5th weapon called “Barma Satara” which had the impact of a mighty nuclear power. According to the legend it was not clear how the relatives of Arjuna got to know the secret to launch such weapons. Arjuna himself had to obtain the consent from Lord Krishna who needed to explain the ways or consequences of such weapons.

It was believed that as a result of this launch; it has created layers upon layers of hot rays that penetrated the sky and slowly settled on to the earth (as multiple layers). Upon realizing that the never before used weapon has been accidentally released by his own cousin; and upon seeing the massive destruction that this weapon brought, Arjuna pleaded with Lord Krishna to gather all resources to protect what was left on the earth from the massive heat. With the kind guidance from Lord Krishna, Arjuna managed to protect the earth from the nuclear heat-wave by deflecting it skyward. This prevented the earth from complete destruction by  such nuclear disaster. It was also told that the nuclear cloud and heat-wave were noticeable in the area tens of kilometers wide and approximately 10 nautical miles in thickness.

During the “Kuruthesa”, Arjuna, who was coached directly by Krishna on the righteous way of a true noble being and the right path to eternity, was also introduced to  Yoga.  Arjuna was to practice it whenever he faced adversity. “Bhakti Yoga” practiced for 20 minutes would allow the mere mortal to overcome adversity and reach for Lord’s guidance.

“Cakra”- Weapon of Mass Destruction during “Kurukshetra”

According to Lord Krishna, the WMD was further divided into three levels:

1. Highest “Cakra” (weapon) but never before used: “Sudal Sana”;
this was the most secretive and complicated weapons owned by Lord Krishna himself.

2. The energy from this weapon would be able to destroy dozens of planets
Second “Cakra”: “Barma Satara” was a gift from “Dewa Api” to Lord Krishna and has 7 levels:
  • Level “Barma Satara” First
  • Level “Barma Satara” Second
  • Level “Barma Satara” Third
  • Level “Barma Satara” Fourth
  • Level “Barma Satara” Fifth (used by Arjuna’s cousin during “Kuruthesa”)
  • Level “Barma Satara” Sixth (equivalent to the destruction of Hiroshima)
  • Level “Barma Satara” Seventh ( widely used for self protection and medicines around the world)
3. Third “Cakra” – has eleven sub-species (1-11)

“Cakra Barma Satara” was a gift presented to Lord Krishna by “Dewa Api” also known “Angeni Dewa” during one of the anniversary celebrating the re-birth of Lord Krishna in the year of “Kaliyuga”. Those who attended were Wishnu, Brahma, Shiva, Surian, Govindran (King of Heaven) and Maharaja Kartu. From the ancient Sanskrit scripture, it was widely mentioned that the Gods were using weapons of high destructive power similar to that of nuclear power. However, it must be noted that the ancient weapons did not utilize the same earthly materials as its contents. As mentioned above, “Cakra Sudal Sana” and “Barma Satara” were ancient nuclear weapons that had its own levels of complexity. Each levels had different rays of destruction. The advantages of these weapons were their ability to be controlled and to benefit other human activities or served as a source of massive energy for human kind to operate with. From the local knowledge and also from the researchers of ancient Hindu Jawa scriptures, it was proven that these weapons were well known and were in widely used at different level of skills that benefited human kind in many places on earth.

“Cakra” presently in used for various reasons

From the vicinity, “Barma Satara” the seventh was used widely as means to fight paranormal activities as well as a form of self-protection, medicine and war (not for massive destruction). Right up until now, its usage was limited to “Barma Satara” the seventh only as the operative secret was limited to this level. “Barma Satara” seventh has limited source of energy but it’s beneficial to the human kind in this region.

Examples: energy from “Barma Satara” seventh used by present human kind;

1. Keris Terbang” ( Keris/Ancient Malay Weapon and Terbang means fly )
  • “keris Sumiyang”
  • “keris Brojol”
  • “keris Majapahit”
2. Tuju Tuju ( Black magic weapon)
3. Bola Api  (Fire Ball)
4. It is believed from the ancient Sanskrit scriptures that thunder and lightning were small fractions of “Barma Satara” energy sources that utilized small scale nuclear power to chase away devils who prevented the rains from falling to the ground

Most of the sacred and magical power within the weapon’s structures and medicines used the energy similarly used in “Kurukthesa”.

All these mantras and key-words were made known to me. It has never crossed my mind to use it except for the good of humankind.

It could be summarized that all these energies from those ancient weapons were the source of energy of all magical yet mysterious events during ancient times. As a general observation, I would conclude that the reason as to why there’s such abundance of inherited petroleum was that humankind before us had the ability to utilize better sources of energy that were more powerful and environmentally friendly.

“Chakra” – Mantras

“Chakra” or weapons of such kind can only be manifested through mantras and key-words that could activate them. These weapons called “Chakra” were not formed by earthly means like fire, water, air nor earth; they could only be manifested through a few mantras. These concepts were commonly written in the old ancient scriptures, they existed in historical periods. What attracted me was that in physical form, these weapons could be launched and also could be stopped or prevented before they cause destruction to the earth.

The process of the ancient nuclear power could be interpreted as follows:

During Launching
  • Key words or mantras to be uttered
  • The earth composition would be changed and heat wave and massive rays would be released into the air
  • At a sudden, a cloud of rays and heat will concentrate and a form a thick layer on top of the earth atmosphere
  • These layers of heat and rays would then cascade down to earth and resulting in massive destruction
  • The end result would be worse than a nuclear explosion as the process involved the huge compactness of the wind and the air combined during this process
During the prevention of the heat and rays layer from reaching the earth
  • Keywords or mantras to be uttered
  • The layers would then stopped in mid-air and vanishes before touching the earth’s surface
  • These whole layers would then disappears from the air
As to what happened in “kuruthesa” ( when Arjuna prevented the rays and heat-wave to penetrate to the earth),  the heat-wave actually it vanished into thin air before it impacted the earth. The ability to know such structures and methods of these weapons would be beneficial for the present day humankind to compete with the mysteries of ancient beings and also would help to resolve the energy processes that would be simpler and could prolong the lifespan of this planet.

It is my hope that with the revelation of the secrets to the mantras of the ancient nuclear power, we could further change the nuclear weapons into ultimate energy source.

Lord Krishna advised that all these sources of energy should be used by mankind for sole purpose of good. According to Lord Krishna, he would come to anyone and explain the secret text to anyone he fancies regardless of his/her race or religion. Lord Krishna exists in his own form and no mantras or religion can make Him to reveal Himself, unless He wishes to do so.

Signs of Ancient Nuclear War Near Bombay:

Curious sign of an ancient nuclear war in the times of Dwaparyug in India is a giant crater near Bombay. The nearly circular 2,154-metre-diameter Lonar crater, located 400 kilometres northeast of Bombay and aged at less than 50,000 years old, could be related to nuclear warfare of antiquity.

Cakra: The Ancient Weapon Of Mass Destruction

No trace of any meteoric material, etc., has been found at the site or in the vicinity, and this is the world's only known "impact" crater in basalt. Indications of great shock (from a pressure exceeding 600,000 atmospheres) and intense, abrupt heat (indicated by basalt glass spherules) can be ascertained from the site.

Cakra: The Ancient Weapon Of Mass Destruction

David Hatcher Childress in Nexus Magazine: "The crater is formed in the basalt rock of thickness 600-700m (2,000 to 2,200 feet). This rock is made of many layers or flows which were laid why volcanic activity at various times, five of such flows are exposed at the crater rim. Thickness of these flows ranges from 5 to 30m. The crater is about 150m (500 feet)deep and has average diameter of 1830m (1.4 miles).

Cakra: The Ancient Weapon Of Mass Destruction

The elevated rim consists of 25m of bedrock and 5m of ejecta over it. This ejecta blanket is spread over about 1350m (4,400 feet) away from the crater rim and slopes away by 2-6°. The uppermost region of ejecta contains the deposits that were melted due to the impact". “Lonar is a place of obscurities, especially as the only meteoric crater formed in basaltic terrain. It has remained relatively intact due to low degree of erosion by environmental agents, making it an excellent model for study.

However, several strange things happen here:

 1. The lake has two distinct regions that never mix — an outer neutral (pH7) and an inner alkaline (pH11) each with its own flora and fauna. You can actually do a litmus paper test here and check this for yourself.

 2. There is a perennial stream feeding the lake with water but there seems to be no apparent outlet for the lake’s water. And it is also a big unsolved mystery where the water for the perennial stream comes from, in a relatively dry region like Buldhana. Even in the driest months of May and June, the stream is perpetually flowing.

Did really nuclear explosion took in the place during the ancient times?



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  1. Would like to make few corrections :-
    1. First of all the round weapon was called "Chakra" and not 'Cakra'.
    2. 'Sudal Sana' is incorrect and it is 'Sudarshan'. The Chakra(round weapon) possessed by Lord Krishna was called 'Sudarshan Chakra'.
    3. 'Kurukshetra' and not 'Kurukthesa'(incorrect) is the place near New Delhi India, where the battle of Mahabharata took place 5000 years back.
    4. 'Barma Satra' is also incorrect and it was called as 'Brahmastra' which was an astra(weapon) produced by Lord Brahma(Lord responsible for birth of Universe)




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