Has China Built A Stargate? The Ring of Life

According to an article on the official website of the Fushun Municipal Government, "The Ring of Life" means a round sky and a ...

According to an article on the official website of the Fushun Municipal Government, "The Ring of Life" means a round sky and a path leading to paradise in Heaven.

Not happy with building mysterious gigantic structures in the desert, the Chinese are now building inter-dimensional portals in the middle of their cities. What the hell is this 515-foot (157 meters) high metal structure in the the city of Fushun, in northeast China's Liaoning province? Oh wait, I know, it's just another example of the China's building craze, the one that has got them to build entire ghost cities made of thousands of pre-fab buildings.

It's made of an astounding 3,000 tons of steel and it will glow at night—decorated with 12,000 LED lights. According to Fushun Municipal Government's officials, this titanic structure does absolutely nothing except serve as an elevated sighting position. They claim it is pretty "landscape architecture"—like the Eiffel Tower. It uses four elevators to take people to the top.

The Chinese media has been harsh about the building after a blogger posted these photos on Sina Weibo, which is the country's "largest microblog platform." Not surprising, since this thing costs $16 million. The ciy's defense: "there's not enough people to build entertainment, so we just build something pretty, OK?! ARE WE COOL NOW!". Or something like that.

They also claimed that they don't have enough citizens to build other more useful buildings. They have all the hospitals, recreation centers and municipal buildings they need, so they probably decided to blow their excess budget in this thing. (SOURCE)

So what is the real purpose for this building? When you dig a little bit when it comes to unique buildings and monuments around the world you find out pretty fast that they are not just “landmarks.”

 The pyramids in Egypt for example, or even Stonehenge, The Nazca Lines and Easter Island. These all appear to be for decorative or monument purposes but evidence and ancient knowledge suggests otherwise.

Some are suggesting that The Ring of Life could be a star gate, a portal to welcome in energies, beings, or other worlds.

I know it sounds far out but even things like portals, star gates and jump doors are not as taboo as they once were. With all of the whistle blowing and evidence to suggest all of these things are real, one can easily assume The Ring of Life could have a deeper meaning. Something only time will shed more light on.

What do you think it is? Just an observation tower? Or something more?



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