The Mystery of Bosnia's Ancient Pyramids

The New Era Times reports that independent analysis from five separate Institutes of materials confirms that the Bosnian Pyramids contain...

The New Era Times reports that independent analysis from five separate Institutes of materials confirms that the Bosnian Pyramids contain high quality man-made concrete construction material eliminating all skeptical claims about the authenticity of the Bosnian Pyramids.

The controversial site of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun has a team of over 200 interdisciplinary scientists from all over the world doing scientific analysis on not only the nature and age of the building materials, but also determining how the energy of the pyramid was used by the ancient scientists for applications beneficial to humanity ranging from geothermal transportation, climatology, and advancements in human physiology and health.

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, the biggest stone structure in the shape of the pyramid on the Planet with the height of 220 meters, Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Results released by the Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy of chemical and diffractometry laboratory analysis done on sandstone and conglomerate blocks taken from the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun show that the samples are an inert material with a binding, similar to that found in ancient Roman concrete. These results were confirmed by analysis on the samples done at the University of Zenica,Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Stone terrace made from sandstone plates on top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, September 2008

In a separate independent test, Professor Joseph Davidovits, renowned French Scientist, member of the International Association of Egyptologists and author confirms this claim. “I performed electron microscopic analysis of the sample and I propose the geopolymer chemistry that was used to make this is ancient concrete,” wrote Prof Davidovits.

Stone terrace made from sandstone plates on top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, September 2008

He further adds that the sample is composed of “a calcium/potassium-based geopolymer cement and that although he cannot date the sample, he can discern that it is not modern concrete, but more like the technique used by the Egyptians 3500 years ago.” In his book,The Pyramids: an Enigma Solved,Davidovits presents the current knowledge of pyramid construction that is supported by scientific, historical, and linguistic studies which prove that the Egyptian pyramids were constructed using agglomerated stone (limestone cast like concrete).

Outside walls of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun made of the concrete conglomerate blocks, Northern side, July 2008

The research on pyramid technology has long suspected that pyramid energy involves science and machinery far more advanced than what we currently have today. Christopher Dunn, author of The Giza Power Plant, published in 1996 explains that the pyramids were ancient energy machines, currently a popular theory among researchers. The pyramids of Bosnia have the same elements described in the Giza pyramids that define the structure of an ancient power generator system.

After visiting Bosnia in 2011, Chris Dunn stated, “While I was in Visoko, experts from various disciplines showed excitement on the result of their studies of the so-called pyramid hill. Hopefully, in due course, clear signs of ancient precision engineering will eventually be discovered.”Now in 2013, the Bosnian archaeological site is further excavated and new scientific evidence has emerged proving that ancient precision engineering was indeed used to build the Bosnian Pyramids.

Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, with it’s height of 190 meters second biggest stone structure in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids. Together with the Sun and Dragon pyramids form a perfect equilateral triangle. All pyramids have been covered by soil and vegetation similar to pyramids in Central America and China.

Further evidence of concrete being used in pyramid construction is shown by the work ofProfessor Michel Barsoum, Distinguished Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Drexel University, and Professor Gilles Hug, of the French National Aerospace Research Agency who have found scientific evidence that parts of the Great Pyramids of Giza were built using an early form of concrete. This debunks an age old myth that the pyramids were built using only cut limestone blocks and proves the theory that concrete and nanotechnology was used by the ancients.

Megalithic blocks in the underground tunnel network have carved symbols that have been covered by conglomerate material for more than 30.000 years according to the radiocarbon dating.

Since it was discovered in 2005 by Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich Ph.D., director of Center for Anthroplogy and Archaeology at the American University in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Bosnian Pyramid complex has been stonewalled by mainstream archaeologists until recent scientific evidence which makes it impossible to deny the authenticity of this history changing discovery.

“The team of interdisciplinary scientists conducting studies on the cosmic energy enigma at the archaeological site in Bosniaare on a relentless pursuit to uncover the wisdom from the ancient culture that left this behind,” states Dr. Sam Osmanagich. “There are facts about physical phenomenon that can be scientifically verified, yet there remain many unanswered questions unexplainable using our current recorded history.”

Facts that have been verified by scientific analytic testing include:

· The Sun pyramid stands over 722 feet (220 m) high one third taller than the Great Pyramid of Giza

· Radio carbon dating shows the pyramid to be at least 24,800 years old

· Material Analysis shows that the structure is from man-made concrete

· There is an 8.000 kg ceramic block under the pyramid in the underground labyrinth

· An energy beam, electromagnetic in nature with a radius of 4.5 meters and a frequency of 28 kHz,has been detected and measured coming from the top of the Sun pyramid

· An ultrasound beam with a radius of 10 meters and frequency of 28-33 kHz has been measured on the top of the pyramid, as well

· The pyramids are aligned with the earth’s cardinal points and oriented to stellar North

“Although tens of thousands of pyramids have been discovered across the planet, none have the construction quality and date back as far as the ones in Bosnia,” states Osmanagich. “Bosnia is the original pyramid, the oldest and largest ever constructed. It has an exact zero degree North orientation and is potentially the key to releasing information about ancient technology that can free the world of its dependence on fossil fuel along with offering the possibility of finding astounding medical breakthroughs in the scientific community.”

Radials and Territory Defined by the Three Bosnian Pyramids (Moscow was discovered to contain the main geoglyph for Russia.)

Medical tests on the effect on the human aura have started at the Bosnian Pyramids and early evidence shows that human physiology and emotional states are highly elevated in the pyramid. This is due to the reduction of negative ions that are found in our atmosphere.

The Bosnian Pyramids, are unique in that they seem to combine locations and cities which were important to the builders along with the ancient protocols of using geographical features, in defining their territory. The Bosnian Pyramids are less symmetrical, and are of a cruder construction, than most of their counterparts. This is also true of the Indonesian Pyramids on Java Indonesia, whose construction is very similar to the Bosnian pyramids.

This crudeness alone could indicate a culture that s recovering from a catastrophe that left them with their past   knowledge but without the tools to exercise that knowledge effectively. The increasing sophistication of pyramids which follow this era, leading up to the Egyptian era, would seem to confirm this hypothesis. Conversely, the non-physical attributes of the Bosnian Pyramids would seem to indicate a culture with a superior knowledge of physics.

History tells us that the Celts once occupied what is now called Europe. Recent research indicates that the geoglyphs placed atop the Bosnian pyramids, long after they were constructed, are Celtic in nature. History also tells us that the Celtic culture originally developed in the Middle East and progressed west, through Europe, to the English Channel. A timeline of the geoglyphs construction should be developed from an archaeological dig.




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