Time Travel Tunnel Discovered in China?

A particular tunnel in Guizhou, China has been drawing attention for its unique ability to litera...

A particular tunnel in Guizhou, China has been drawing attention for its unique ability to literally turn back the clock. According to reports, when one drives through the 400 meter tunnel there is a substantial chance that their clocks will go back exactly one hour. reports: 

Mobile phone users in Zunyi, Guizhou Province complain that the time on their phones jumps back one hour every time they drive through the nearby Guanjingnan Tunnel, according to Guiyang-based news portal
The time is corrected after traveling a kilometer from the tunnel, according to mobile phone users.  
A journalist with the website reported the phenomenon happened eight out of ten times after driving through the 400-meter tunnel on May 22.

According to the report, the phenomenon only occurs on phones using one of China’s major telecom providers, but fails to mention which company. 

The 400 meter tunnel has been receiving so much attention for its time-changing effects that one reporter with Gui Yang Evening News decided to test out the phenomenon: eight out of 10 times, his mobile clock went back an hour.

The effects seem only temporary, however, as when you drive further away the clock eventually returns to the normal stream of time.


This tunnel is nicknames "time tunnel" by the locals not very original right? The tunnel is over 400 meters long and apparently when travel through the tunnel the time on you cell phone and cell phone only would lose one hour.

The reporter who wrote this article for China's Gui Yang Evening News personally tested this tunnel and said the time travel phenomenon happened over 80% of the time.

So basically here's how it works say you enter the tunnel at 9am and exit from the other side at 9:05, the time on your cell phone will display 8:05.

After traveling away from the tunnel for awhile your cell phone time will return to normal. So far there has been no explanation about this phenomenon but some have wondered if continually traveling through the tunnel will actually make you look younger.

Guess it can't hurt to try right?



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