A Young Woman Stoned To Death For Having A Cell Phone In Pakistan

A Young Woman Stoned To Death For Having A Cell Phone In Pakistan

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Asian Human Rights Commission

Muslims are first to claim that women have equal right like of men, and there is no superiority of men over women in Islam. But why we always see Muslims killing and torturing their women in Islamic country. But this recent case is much more shocking, because a young woman, mother of two was stoned to death as Islamic Shariah Law, because she was possessing just a cell phone.

Arifa, a mother of two, has been stoned to death on the orders of Panchayat (a tribal court) for possessing a cell phone. She was executed on 11 July in the district of Dera Ghazi Khan in Punjab province. The victim was stoned to death by her uncle and relatives on the orders of Panchayat after she was found to have a mobile phone.

According to media reports her uncle, cousins and other relatives threw stones and bricks at her until she died. She was buried without informing anyone. Police registered a First Information Report (FIR) against the Panchayat but no one has been arrested. She was buried in a desert far away from her village and nobody (not even her children) was allowed to participate in the funeral. Her husband is unknown.

Women are often victimized by these illegal judicial systems. This incident is a demonstration of the strong patriarchal society in Pakistan, and women are forced to remain in their clutches. Because of the absence of a proper criminal justice system, the powerful sections of society have complete impunity when they enforce their will.

The incident is a clear reflection of the total collapse of the rule of law in the country, where every section of the government has become utterly redundant in the face of tribal, feudal and religious traditions. The local police have not arrested the members of the Panchayat because the power in the area lies with the landed aristocracy.

Stoning to death is a barbaric act from a primitive society. Society is sent the message that violence is the way to deal with women and other vulnerable groups. Women’s rights are negated through the use of these forms of punishment.

Pakistani society has degenerated to the point that, for a woman, keeping a cell phone has become serious crime. It is treated as a worse crime than gang rape, murder and bomb blasts, through which many people are killed on a daily basis.

The Panchayat is an illegal judicial system run by feudal lords and tribal leaders. It is common in rural areas of Punjab, where landed aristocracy and centuries old tribal traditions rule. These practices are commonly used against women so that their tribal norms remain pure and intact. The Panchayat system is so powerful that the ‘independent judiciary’ still has not shown the courage to declare it illegal. The Pakistani judiciary, which got its independence after a people’s movement of two years, is much more involved in taking cases against elected government officials in order to keep its popularity in the media, while failing to introduce judicial reforms at the grassroots level, which has generated a society without any base on the rule of law.

What Arifa’s death shows us is the real system of justice in many parts of Pakistan. Local ruling is done by feudal bodies with complete impunity. There is no enforcement of the law by the judiciary, police or any other governing institution. It is more than the absence of the rule of law; it is an airless vacuum claiming many victims, in which the police – charged with the duty of enforcing the law – are hired thugs who torture and detain people at the request of powerful parties, please see the cases of two sisters, murdered in June 2013, 25 days apart, for daring to ask the courts for justice; read here.

A Young Woman Stoned To Death For Having A Cell Phone In Pakistan

In Arifa’s case, it is those same corrupt police officers who are now being asked to investigate. Without serious intervention from government authorities, her case will be treated the same as far too many innocent deaths have been; un-investigated, with complete impunity for the perpetrators.

The Panchayat, Jirga and other illegal ‘judicial systems’ can easily be used by grudge informers and powerful persons to obtain ‘death penalties’ to murder whomsoever they want to. Bizarre charges can be tried and people are executed through these systems. There is rarely any intervention by the police to stop them because the police, as mentioned above, play a particular part in the real legal system that operates in many parts of Pakistan.

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) urges the parliament to legislate against the illegal tribal courts, including the Jirga, Panchayat and Bradari judicial systems. The government must immediately investigate and arrest all the members of the Panchayat for ordering the murder of a woman on the charges of possessing a cell phone. The senior police officers for the district of Dera Ghazi Khan should also be prosecuted for aiding and abetting this heinous crime and neglecting their duty to investigate this case. The upper judiciary, particularly the Supreme Court of Pakistan, must take immediate action against illegal and parallel judicial systems and the killing of innocent people.



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  1. culture is culture. we can only do 2 things if we don't like it or if its not in our standards- either we kill all their population or post and talk about it in the internet.

  2. Religion is not what killed this woman...ignorant male family members did.

    1. No and ignorant country/justice system killed this lady. bloody digesting behaviour, There is a reason people like this aren't accepted of off there boats when they rock up to countries door steps...

  3. I am a Pakistani and live in Lahore, Pakisan. I take this story as a strong exception as it is portraying a negative image which would be seen as a general culture/tradition in my country. This is completely untrue. Pakistan is a very progressive country, I am a software developer working in telecom industry. We've 5 cellular operators with over 100 million mobile phone users out of 180 million population. I would request the admin to take this story down. Thank You.

    1. Well I guess there is some truth behind the story. Why no urge your government to investigate what really happened and serve justice to this woman. it is easy to assume a lot of things based on the photos but what we need is the truth and justice per se

  4. Filipinos are the most ugly savage monkeys to roam this planet

  5. Flip-pig fuckin you're so much uglier than this monkeys....
    Lack of education sometimes leads to no respect....

  6. You cant accept that filipinos can do anything because we are determined unlike other nations where are service is more indemand because their people cant do what we can do..

    Well for this article..its time for us to grow and move on..if we are all equal, then why there is still fixed marriage? Why cant women pick who ever they want to marry.. why is it always have to be the men have to pick them and they cant say no to that?

  7. Even if this news is true and there is a relation between islamic religion and the barbaric act. however, it is not fair for this author to generalise islam just because of this shariah law that do not even exist. think with your brain, not with your mouth. just because of the fact that these tribal culture are muslims, does not mean that their barbaric act is accepted in islam. this author already recognized that these tribal culture have their own rules, and that may be the norm of their own culture of which they see how they perceive islam taught them.. however, it is definitely NOT what islam taught. I guess the circumstances in which they live is what made them think so primitively and absurdly in the name of Islam. This is also true with jihad. some muslims in other culture were raised to see jihad as a good thing.

  8. fixed marriage is also a problem in some countries of islam. even if im muslim, i do not understand why this exist. islam never teach to exploit children or make a fixed marriage. it is the culture who see this as norm. the government itself should make a policy to curb this rule. we as women in islam actually have a say to marry or not.

  9. Please don't comment on religions. In all honesty, it is Islam that first gave Muslim women proper rights ANYWHERE in the world. Women in America weren't allowed to vote for a very long time, they didn't even have shares in inheritance. But Islam brought forward the idea that men and women are equal, and they should therefore get equal rights.
    You do not 'always' see Muslim women being tortured. I'm a Muslim Woman, and my parents are educating me to become a doctor, they're planning to invest so much money on me, regardless of my gender.
    Illiteracy is a very big curse on my country Pakistan, and it is unfortunately this very curse that causes such acts to take place.
    But you CANNOT generalize that it is always the Muslim woman being tortured; I have heard countless stories of Christian Women being tortured. Please refrain from passing comments if you do not have proper information regarding a matter.




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