New Medical Breakthrough Will Allow Corpses To Be Revived Within A Day Of Being Dead

It is generally the case that once a person dies, there is only about a three-to-five minute window of potential resuscitation time befor...

New Medical Breakthrough Will Allow Corpses To Be Revived Within A Day Of Being Dead

It is generally the case that once a person dies, there is only about a three-to-five minute window of potential resuscitation time before he or she becomes irreversibly dead, depending on the cause of death. But an American clinical care physician claims to have come up with a new way to revive corpses several hours after being dead, a process that with future advancements could eventually make it possible to revive the deceased up to 24 hours after death, he says.

Cardiac patients at Stony Brook University Hospital in New York are already a living testament to the success of Dr. Sam Parnia's unusual revival claims. According to the latest available statistics, nearly twice as many patients are resuscitated there every year compared to other U.S. hospitals -- the average resuscitation rate at Stony Brook is an astounding 33 percent, which contrasts sharply with the 18 percent average elsewhere.

So how does it all work? Utilizing the latest available medical technologies, Dr. Parnia carefully cools down the bodies of qualifying "dead" patients and pumps up their tissues with oxygen. This process, he says, prevents them from truly "dying," as it basically just puts their lives on hold and gives physicians time to intercede and work their magic. The process is so effective, claims Dr. Parnia, that it could have revived the life of James Gandolfini, the former star of the popular television series, The Sopranos, who is believed to have died from a heart attack.

"I believe if he died here, he could still be alive," said Dr. Parnia recently to Germany's Der Spiegel magazine. "We'd cool him down, pump oxygen to the tissues ... clinically dead, he could then be cared for by the cardiologist. He would make an angiogram, find the clot, take it out, put in a stent and we would restart the heart."

New Medical Breakthrough Will Allow Corpses To Be Revived Within A Day Of Being Dead

Every victim of Titanic disaster could have been saved using modern techniques, says Dr. Parnia

These may sound like wild claims, but Dr. Parnia is confident in the power of this breakthrough technology. He is so confident, in fact, that he even wrote a book called Erasing Death, which deals in depth with the subject of so-called modern resuscitation science and how it has the potential to literally change the course of history. If the 1,514 people who died after the Titanic sunk back in 1912 had died today, for instance, all of them could have been brought back to life using modern resuscitation techniques, claims Dr. Parnia, and the catastrophe could have been completely avoided.

"Death can no longer be considered an absolute moment but rather a process that can be reversed even many hours after it has taken place," wrote Dr. Parnia in a recent piece for The Huffington Post. "[I]t is only after a person actually dies that the cells in his body go through their own process of death, which can be manipulated through science."

New Medical Breakthrough Will Allow Corpses To Be Revived Within A Day Of Being Dead

Though it is not yet possible to bring a person back to life after he or she has been dead longer than about three hours, Dr. Parnia is convinced that advances in resuscitation technology over the next 20 years will make it possible for bodies that have been "dead" as long as 24 hours to be revived. As medical science continues to gain a better grasp on the process of death, it will only become increasingly possible to prevent it altogether.

"We may soon be rescuing people from death's clutches hours, or even longer, after they have actually died," says Dr. Parnia. "My basic message: The death we commonly perceive today in 2013 is a death that can be reversed."




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  1. how about the brain? how can it be revived using this technique? how about the heart? can it be started again?

    ..This is a hoax. I think so.

  2. People seems to forget the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Death as the scripture defines it is in two forms: Physical death- is the separation of man's soul from his body, and secondly the SPIRITUAL death which is the separation of eternal soul from an Eternal God ( Luke 12:5) Second death is mentioned 4X, all in Revelation- The Last Book (Rev 2:11; 20:6,14 and 21:8) Key verse is "Happy is he who has/is part of first resurrection on which the second death has no power." So its clear that there is the "theology of TWO's": 1st Adam, 2nd Adam; two special trees in the Garden- one brings eternal life the other brought forth death; 1st resurrection, 2nd resurrection, 1st death and second death, so on and so forth. The article highlights technology- man's effort to prolong life and or temporary avoid death. The scripture highlights the POWER of us numerous account of resurrection from the dead, ie. Lazarus FOUR days being dead... each of the accounts required someone from initiating resurrection to demonstrate the power of God...the ONLY unique of all is our LORD YESHUA- who after 3 days and 3 nights on the grave rose up from the dead by the action of GOD himself (Colossians 2:12), validating his CLAIM of being the MESSIAH or the Anointed one, the ONE who WAS, who IS and who IS TO COME. He was seen of many witnesses (500+) for 40days (1Cor15:1-8) at once, before he went up to heaven (Acts 1:4-9.) And when he comes the second time, it won't be as the Lamb of God but as The LION of Judah, to rule earth as King of Kings and Lord of LORD and that all will bow their knees and their tounges will confess that YESHUA HaMashiah is LORD- The GREAT I AM, the ALMIGHTY GOD, who raises the dead that those who believes in him will not perish (die the second form) but have ETERNAL LIFE. Hallelu-Yah! (Psalms 33:2, 68:4)




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