Witches Arrested After 'Falling From Flying Baskets'

Two women from Nembudziya in Gokwe who were yesterday caught with no clothes on in Glen View, Har...

Witches Arrested After 'Falling From Flying Baskets'

Two women from Nembudziya in Gokwe who were yesterday caught with no clothes on in Glen View, Harare were remanded in custody after Mbare magistrate ordered that the pair undergo a medical examination.

Chipo Chakaja (26) and her aunt Maria Moyo (35) both from Nembudziya communal lands denied charges of engaging in practice associated with witchcraft.

They appeared before Mbare magistrate Mr Reuben Mukavhi who remanded them in custody to September 26.

The pair was found in possession of two winnowing baskets containing an owl, tiny-decorated beads, animal skins, gourd and talisman, among other 'witchcraft' related items.

The pair told the court that they had no knowledge as to how they got to Harare.

Witches Arrested After 'Falling From Flying Baskets'

"I had supper yesterday at my homestead and retired to bed at around 8pm. I recall having a dream in company of four whose whereabouts I do not know.

"We were with Chiedza (believed to have been the ring leader) who was complaining that if we delayed, would find her daughter-in-law in Harare gone to have her ailing child attended to by some apostolic sects," said Moyo.

While Chakaja reiterated that she was also surprised to find her-self with no clothes on and in a winnowing basket.

"I remember eating supper yesterday but as to how we got here I do not know," she said.

Moyo told the court that there were six of them and were flying in the baskets when they fell at an apostolic sect shrine in the western suburb.

The two were escorted in and out of the court holding their evidence since no officers were courageous enough to carry the baskets.

After being questioned about what they were using the winnowing baskets and their contents for, they professed ignorance prompting magistrate Mr Mukavhi to order them to undergo a medical examination.

"It appears both of you have mental problems, you have left me with no doubt but to alter your pleas to not guilty such that you can have medical examination," said Mr Mukavhi.

Witches Arrested After 'Falling From Flying Baskets'

Prosecutor Ms Revai Mudzokori told the court that the two were seen at around 5.30am loitering at Tongai's house number 3616 in Budiriro 2 Harare with no clothes on.

The court heard that when Chris Tongai saw the pair, he approached and questioned them before giving them some red 'holy clothes' to cover themselves.

He reported the matter to the police leading to their arrest.

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