Bigfoot Hybrid Man Found In China? [VIDEO]

Big foot is a creature with an existence that many people will argue against. It has been an u...

 Bigfoot Hybrid Man Found In China

Big foot is a creature with an existence that many people will argue against. It has been an unproven myth for centuries with only blurry photographs and tales serving as proof. Is it really all that hard to believe? A big foot, also known as a sasquatch or yet, supposedly is just a creature that closely resembles a person and an ape. With so many variations of different species in the world, it would not be too surprising to find that the myth of Big foot is actually a truth.

 Bigfoot Hybrid Man Found In China

In China, recently something was discovered that brings the world a step closer to proving that Big foot really does exist. What was discovered was what is being called a hybrid man. In the video below, you will get a close look the hybrid man. You can see shocking footage of him showing his inhuman behavior. The hybrid man is unlike anything ever seen before. He is very large for a human, looks quite abnormal, and is unable to communicate. According to the tale of the hybrid man, he is half Yemen and half human. A Yemen is a Chinese wild man that mirrors the image of Big foot. The hybrid man’s mother claims that she was kidnapped and raped by a Yemen, then gave birth in the nine months proceeding the unpleasant incident. For more information, suspicions, possible explanations, photos and videos about the hybrid man, you will have to watch the video yourself.


So what do you think? Is this story believable, or is it possible that the woman lied about being raped by the Yemen, and her son just has some sort of bizarre genetic disorder? Since the hybrid man has already died at an early age, it seems the mystery will continue on, as well as the legend of the hybrid man.

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