Major Earthquake To Hit Philippines and Indonesia

Major Earthquake To Hit Philippines and Indonesia
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Major Earthquake Predicted
for Philippines and Indonesia
Monday, January 7, 2013 Press Release 01-01-07-13
9:00 AM
The IEVPC announces today its latest prediction for a major earthquake, centered between the Philippines and northern Indonesia in the Molucca Sea.
The quake is expected to produce a M8.0+ event with possible tsunami. The time frame for this quake to strike is from now until December 2014 and is detailed in the associated warning notice posted at the IEVPC web site (

Analysis of the precursor signals from its proprietary system for quake detection has allowed the IEVPC to issue this important warning to the nations affected with substantial advance preparation time. This warning comes after the IEVPC has recently completed its highly successful test program during which it had correctly predicted three important earthquake events with a high degree of accuracy.
According to Director of Research, Dr. Dong Choi, “This new alert specifies the epicenter will be in the vicinity of the Talaud and Sangihe islands. All island nations in the region are however, under substantial risk since we have also forecast an associated tsunami. Many cities, towns, and villages in this area are located directly on the coastal areas throughout this region of steep-sided islands. Thus, people may be subjected to devastating waves hitting the shore lines if the predicted earthquake unfolds as we believe it might. Further, the area is already experiencing much increased volcanic activity and a major eruption cannot be ruled out, adding to the difficulties people in this area will experience.”
IEVPC CEO Mr. John L. Casey adds to this announcement with, “Now that we have demonstrated through our just concluded test program that major earthquakes can be predicted well in advance, we will be doing whatever we can to alert the nations in the threatened area so they can begin to prepare.
Major Earthquake To Hit Philippines and Indonesia

Location of predicted earthquake

Major Earthquake To Hit Philippines and Indonesia

Source: Quakewatch



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  1. THERE IS MUCH speculation that the recent, unnaturally speedy typhoon in the Philippines was man-made. Shocked? You shouldn’t be. Weather-modification technology is by now well established, with many countries routinely employing it to bring rain, divert storms, and for other more nefarious purposes.

  2. TOTOO ITO it will surely happen, nothing can stop Nature! almost 20 years nang inaabangan 'yan sa manila and marikina, sana sa mahabang panahon na binigay sa atin ay napaghandaan na ito ng mabuti. Lets us all pray that we all be safe.

  3. Naku naman.. naalarma ako ng bongga January 7, 2013 naman pala eh.. baka yan na yung nagkaroon ng baha sa visaya nung nakaraan lang.. baka yun na yun.. naku sana nga yun na talaga yun at wala ng sakuna pang mangyari sa atin.. Just pray nalang tayo mga kapatid.. :(

    1. Earthquake daw and posible tsunami .. saan mu b nbsa un baha?




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