Philippine Government, Selling Goods To The Victims Of Super Typhoon Haiyan

While the whole world has already given more than 200 million US dollars to help the victims of the super typhoon Haiyan(Yolanda), the De...

Philippine Government, Selling Goods To The Victims Of Super Typhoon  Haiyan

While the whole world has already given more than 200 million US dollars to help the victims of the super typhoon Haiyan(Yolanda), the Department of Trade and Industry(DTI) of the Philippines is doing a 'Diskwento Caravan' - selling goods to the typhoon victims in low prices.

According to the news reported by the GMA network, the DTI has been selling some basic goods like bread, coffee, milk, and processed meat to the people of Tacloban City who was recently devastated by the super typhoon Haiyan. It was mentioned that the DTI is selling these goods in 10% to 30% less than the original price in the market. The people of Tacloban City were left no choice but to grab this little opportunity because, as they stated, they might die in hunger if they will just depend on the 'little' amount of food donations being distributed by the Philippine government.

Philippine Government, Selling Goods To The Victims Of Super Typhoon  Haiyan

This fact is VERY DISAPPOINTING and VERY FRUSTRATING since the whole world knew that the donations for the Filipino people were overflowing since day one after the typhoon. While the government of other countries have been thoughtfully giving great amount of help to the Filipino people affected by the typhoon, the government of the Philippines seems to be unwilling to help its own people.





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  1. bat ibibenta to kung pwd nmang ipamigay nalang kala ko ba gusto nilang makatulong hindi ba nila naisip na saan kukuha ng pera ang mga nasalanta ng bagyo kung mismong bahay nila wala na din....

  2. yan ang tamang daan.,!! na tinutukoy ni aquino? tang ina kasing mga bumoto jan eh., !! people power na!! si marcos nga na maraming nagawa sa bansa pinatalsik nila,.bat itong halata na marami nang katangahan di ma patalsik talsik? gising mga ugok!!

  3. malamang bka konti na lang ang tutulong sa atin kung may darating ulit na trahedya sa ating bansa

  4. mag resign na sana ang secretary ng DTI...nakakahiya kayo...

  5. Now you see what kind of fucking government people we have, why cant we have a civil war to end all this scum bags. These traitors must meet their end, they will end us all if not. With all the money given to us in aid and with all the goods in aid the thing we get from our own government is racketeering profiting from our misfortunes. FILIPINOS WHEN ARE WE GOING TO FIGHT BACK FOR ALL THESE ABUSES, WE NEED TO RISE NOW! THERE IS A REVOLUTION CALLING OUR NAMES IN THE SERVICE OF OUR OWN NATION, THE DUTY TO DECLARE WAR AGAINST THESE TRAITORS, AND THE OBLIGATION TO SACRIFICE AND BURN THEM ALL FROM THE FACE OF OUR NATION. THEY HAVE NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER TO BE CALLED FILIPINOS AND CITIZENS OF OUR NATION, THEY ARE OUR INCARNATE ENEMY! WE NEED TO DESTROY THEM ALL!

  6. I am a Filipino and I am proud of my race but the Philippine Government and it's CORRUPT OFFICIALS disgust me! Philippine Government is a TOTAL BULLSHIT! Approximately almost a week after Haiyan struck the Philippines, Pnoy mentioned a "Master Plan" to be excuted. Are you kidding the Filipinos? Master Plan almost a week after? Huh! Nations all over the world have distributed their goods and services to those affected areas while you, Pnoy, went ahead and blamed the LGUs. How can the LGUs function when they themselves were victims? The nation experienced a major tragedy, you expect the LGUs to function well? This is a national tragedy that calls for the National Government! For goodness sake!

    List made using the Registered Voters? Are you serious? What about those who are not registered voters in the affected areas? Will you leave those unregistered voters die because of hunger, depression and frustration? Those very opinionated Filipino Citizens show concern for the government, but does the government care for it's people? These unregistered voters also pay taxes. We pay for your salary! We have all the right to demand from the government. The people voted for you, Pnoy, we can also take back that position from you.

    I am very unsatisfied, disappointed and disgusted with the Philippine Government, especially the foremost leader. You were supposed to lead, and not supposed to point your finger on whose fault it was.

  7. I AM PROUD THAT I DID NOT VOTE FOR PNOY. He just brought the Aquino name with him. He does not lead by example and does not care for the Filipino people. He did nothing relevant to the nation other than bickering with other officials and pointing fingers on others to blame for his wrong decisions. A NUISSANCE!

  8. Philippine Government selling goods to the victims while other nations have given them freely? Indeed, "ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES!"

  9. Philippine Government Relief Mission to it's people is an EPIC FAILURE! It's MORE SAD in the Philippines!

  10. kaya nga I AINT PROUD TO BE A FILIPINO!!




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