Prophet Sadhu’s Typhoon Haiyan Prophecy And The Coming 'Black Plague' Death on the Philippines

Prophet Sadhu is the founder of Jesus Ministries, a religious group that describes itself to be involved in “prophetic-evangelistic work ...

Prophet Sadhu’s Typhoon Haiyan Prophecy And The Coming Black Plague

Prophet Sadhu is the founder of Jesus Ministries, a religious group that describes itself to be involved in “prophetic-evangelistic work which fulfills a call of God to pioneer evangelistic outreaches to people groups among whom Christ Jesus is little or never named.”

The prophet made a prophecy of a certain big storm hitting Samar and Tacloban and other places in the Visayas. The video was uploaded last April 2013, seven months before one of the world’s strongest typhoon hit the central provinces of the Philippines.

Prophet Sadhu’s Typhoon Haiyan Prophecy And The Coming Black Plague

Prophet Sadhu was best known for his prophecy of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan during the year 2011. Based upon the video description that was uploaded by YouTube user, Aaron John Siy, the prophet prophesied the tsunami a year before it actually happen.



Prophet Sadhu’s Typhoon Haiyan Prophecy And The Coming Black Plague


Article Source: Philippine News


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  1. you mean tagum is next? sometimes the things you say backfires to you... so pray and dont act like your the prophet delusion not everyone will buy it.

  2. This Video is not true! I want you to understand the words of Jesus in this text. Jesus said, “the thief comes ONLY to steal and kill and destroy;He said; the thief will come. No doubt about that. In fact, read what Peter says in 1 Pet. 5:8 “Be alert, be on watch! Your enemy, the Devil, prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” The devil has no plan for you except to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus said, “he comes ONLY… To turn everything upside down in your life. By nature, the devil doesn’t know any order. Actually, he doesn’t even want order. He is the architect and the source of all chaos. There is no goodness in him at all!

    The last part of the video (9:42) tells that God's plan is to destroy the Philippines.It's contrary to what the Bible said.Jesus said" I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10 and In Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the Plans I gave for you,Plans to prosper you and not to harm you,plans to give you hope and the future"That was What God said. And our God is not a destroyer satan is.Jesus is a prince of peace and his Love and Grace to Human is unmeasurable. Let us pray that The Lord heal our nation and deliver us from the power of darkness. Ask God for forgiveness and turn away from sin And The Lord will cover us from the Evil plan of satan.

  3. @ Julberry Juan...The man is not a filipino and is in fact geographically not concern to what will happen to us. Many people will hate him because of what he said but even with that he still spoke about it. What he is saying is not to personally attack the people of Tagum as what can he get if he does that. And it is not only Tagum, he made mention about pangasinan and cebu. I'm living in Cebu now, and when he made mention that cebu will be having this desease he said, it totally made me tremble. But his message was with a basic point. God wants us to come back to him. This natural disaster and plagues that happened and might/may happen is an act of mercy of God because in this way people will draw near to HIM and they will be save from the worst thing that could happen, to be subjected in Eternal punishment in hell. And we will all go there if we don't have a relationship with Jesus Christ. That's his message was so pure, this disaster and plagues that will come is a sign that God loves the Philippines because HE disciplines the Philippines.

  4. @Mark Medina...Not to offense bro, but you are citing the scripture and interpreting it in an unbalanced manner. Yes God is a loving God, and He is love and full of mercy and compassion. But you can't also neglect that our God is a God of Justice and righteousness. He is God that does not tolerate wrong. He punishes the wicked not because He does not love them, but it will not make Him a just God if He will not punish them.

    But I believe God is showing his mercy upon us Filipinos by sending storms and plagues and pestilence as what he did during the old testament time, for this is His way that people will come back to him. Every time Israel turn back against God, He disciplines them (this is found in the book of Judges, if you have time, read this book). So I believe God is disciplining us as Father disciplines his children.

    When you said that our God is not a destroyer, your are half-true about that, but just half. Take note that in the end of times, God will destroy the world, and there will be new heaven and new earth.

    I totally agree with your last two statements. We need to pray, the church needs to pray and turn back to God.

  5. will make Him an unjust God if he will not punish the wicked.

  6. actually.... the infamous black plague was caused by a bacteria acc to what i have been found that still exists today and there still cases about it.. i guess that when other of what he said will come true, or all of it.. that's the time that i may believe that he is helluva a man.. but im not saying that im contradicting the part on what he was saying that we must repent coz that's a good one.. its just that i have my own faith.. but i have none for him.. perhaps what theyre doing is for marketing purposes of some kind

  7. Wala ba siyang prophecy para sa India? or America? People in the Philippines might have sinned but people elsewhere in the world have also sinned and much grievous. And how can he be specific in place? Is he a minister sent by the US government to influence our mind-setting so that when the top-secret project (project that controls nature–project that creates earthquake, volcanic eruptions, typhoons and floods) of the US is again implemented, iisipin natin na prophecy yun when in fact most of disasters now are man-made. Let us try to recall Pinatubo eruption. Alam bo ninyo na nagtanim ng bomba ang US noon para pasabugin ang mt. pinatubo for them to have a graceful exit from clark and subic after the non-renewal of their contract with the philippines. The zamboanga siege, alam nyo rin ba na US din ang nagfinance ng gulo sa Zamboanga to justify their presence? Alam nyo rin ba na hindi natural occurence ang earthquake sa Bohol dahil sila ang nagpagalaw ng tectonic plate, using their capability they developed many years back. And now, typhoon yolanda, it could have not been very strong but because the US was able to emit microwave heat, the low pressure became a strong typhoon and the path of the typhhon (which normally changes direction) was controlled to prevent metro manila where the US embassy is located. If Yolanda is a natural calamity, bakit hindi tinamaan ang GUAm na dapat siyang unang tatamaan. The question is why the US is doing this to the Philippines. Simple, the Philippines is now changing political climate and sooner, the US will no longer have control over the country, in which they do not want to happen, why? Gusto ng US na maging dependent tayo sa kanila para di sila mawalan ng chance na masamsam ang mga likas na yaman natin. They established a base in zamboanga and continue to stay there because they are exploiting our minerals in gensan. Nagpagawa pa sila ng magagandang kalsada at dinivelop ang ilang lugar para akalain ng mga taga gensan ay tumutulong sila pero ang totoo, gumawa sila ng mga kalsada para madali at may access ang mga sasakyan nila papunta sa mga mineral deposits sites. Yung pagsadsad ng USS Guardian sa tubatahha, bakit kailangan chop-chopin ang barko para maialis lamang dun gayung pwede itong hilain na konti lang ang damage sa corals. at bakit isang buwan ang time para maialis sila? di nyo ba naiisip. dahil ang apat na barko nila sa sulu sea na sinasabing nagbabantay sa USS guardian at sa barko na nagchochopchop sa USS guardian, ay nagsasagawa ng survey sa mga oil deposits natin sa sulu sea dahil base sa mapping nila na ang sulu sea ay may limang spot ng oil deposits. at gusto nila itong masamsam through their oil companies. Hindi sila kakampi satin against China sa West Philippine Sea dahil contested pa ang area at malaki ang utang nila sa China at alam nilang wala silang masyadong mapapala sa West Phil Sea except freedom of navigation. Ang tinutukan naman ngayon ng US ay ang Benham Rise, sa northeast ng luzon. Sinsabi ng mga marine scientist na ang Benham rise na dineclare ng UN na atin ay maraming oil and other mineral deposits. At sinasabi na ang natural resources sa continental shelf ng Benham Rise ay magsusustain sa ekonomiya ng Pilipinas for the next 100 years. Pero pinagaaralan na ng US kung pano makukuha ang mga yaman natin sa Benham Rise kaya gumagawa sila ng mga scenarios. Gagawin nilang super base ang GUam at magtatayo sila ng malaking pier at magdedevelop ng harbor sa Casiguran Aurora, para tulong kunwari pero ang totoo para magkaroon ang mga barko nila ng support facilities habang naglalayag sa karagatang bahagi ng Benham Rise. Lahat ng atin ay unti-unting kinukuha ng america at kunwari tinutulungan tayo pero ang totoo, niluluto tayo sa sarili nating mantika at pinaglalaway tayo na parang aso sa kunwari tulong nila sa atin. Bakit hindi kaya America ang parusahan ng Diyos?

  8. @Ma. Teresa Pinas...//Marami pa rin talaga sa ating mga Pilipino ang hindi kaya ng kaisipan nila na intindihin ang mga naabot na ng mataas na kaalaman sa agham at teknolohiya… pero mas madaming mga Pilipino ang hindi kayang paniwalaan na may ibang tao sa mundo na kayang gumawa ng ganyang kalawak na kasamaan. Hindi ko sinasabing naniniwala ako lahat sa cnasabi u pero nani2wala akong may basehan ka. Ang masama, sa halip na gamitin ang pag-iisip ung iba idinadamay at cinisi2 pa ang maylikha. (para sa kanila, may tanong lang ako, kung ang gusto ng dyos sa tao ay ang manalangin lang s at umasa sa kanya lagi, bakit binigyan pa nya tao ng utak, hindi ba gusto nya na magpakatalino tayo, at alamin ang mga nakatagong kaalamang iibinigay nya sa mundo…. Yan ang kaalamang pinag aaralan at pilit inuunawa rin ng mga syentista tulatd ng sabi ni maria, ang d maganda, ginagamit nila ito sa masamang paraan sa hali na sa ika-giginhawa ng sangkatauhan… tawag nila dyan science with out humanity. )

  9. pangalawa… hindi kagustuhan ng dyos iyan…. Kung talagang nag babasa kau ng biblya, sana alam nyo rin noong nasa desyerto si jesus (matthew) taz lumapit sa kanya si satanas, cnabi nya, kung tatalikuran ni jesus ang Diyos ibibigay lahat nya sa kanya ang buong kaharian sa lupa. Ibig sabihin lang niyon na ang buong mundo ngaun ay nasa ilalim ng kanyang kapangyarihan,,,,,, magbasa po kayo ng maayos kapag kino-quote nyo ang biblya para hindi kayo lalong magkasala

  10. para kay miss maria pinas... sana kahit na nagbabasa ng mga ganyang bagay, huwag kang mag ipon ng hate sa iyong sarili... it will only destroy your day and your self... after all, lahat ng bagay may hangganan. ... bilog ang mundo, not flat. sa mga ginagawa nila sa environment,,,well earth knows how to balance it self... it is not possible na sa atin lang lagi ang bumabago at wala man lang mangyayari sa kabuoan...




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