Secret Lives Of Jesus Christ [VIDEO Documentary]

Fifteen hundred years ago, someone buried ancient writings that told strange and unconventional s...

Secret Lives Of Jesus Christ

Fifteen hundred years ago, someone buried ancient writings that told strange and unconventional stories about Jesus of Nazareth - tales considered the height of heresy. Discovered within the last century, these texts invite more questions than answers. Secret Lives of Jesus examines these mysterious lost stories of Christ, and other apocryphal texts, exploring the fundamental questions surrounding the texts. Who wrote them and why? How do they compare to the accepted New Testament gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John?

And why were the stories forgotten for so long?

There's the tale of a pre-teen Jesus who is capable of murder - because he didn't like being told what to do. There's Christ as a young man, traveling to India and Tibet, to study religious philosophies. And perhaps the most disturbing story of all - that Christ didn't die on the cross. Crucified in his place?

Secret Lives Of Jesus Christ

The bystander who helped Jesus carry the cross on the day, while the Son of God disappeared into the crowd - laughing. The accounts told in Secret Lives of Jesus can horrify, but look beyond the words on the faded pages of papyrus and it is obvious there is more to these texts than strange stories. They are snapshots in time - a look inside the life and times of those who wrote them. They are documents that capture the firebrand politics and confusion that dominated the early Church.

Some early Christians wanted desperately to fill in the blanks of Christ's life and they wanted to inject their own take on Christianity into the mainstream. For them, to tell these stories was a way to influence the foundation on which their religion was built. The story of Secret Lives of Jesus deconstructs the forces at play during this time of radical religious ideals - and offers a tantalizing glimpse inside the logic behind some of the most bizarre stories about Jesus Christ ever told.



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