Secret Behind Indian Guru Levitation Revealed [VIDEO]

Did ancients possess knowledge from civilizations that have been lost to science? There are many stories of people levitating throughout...

Secret Behind Indian Guru Levitation Revealed

Did ancients possess knowledge from civilizations that have been lost to science? There are many stories of people levitating throughout history. One from the modern era concerns the Yogi Pullavar.

Yogi Pullavar, also known as Subbayah Pullavar, was an Indian man who on 6 June 1936 was reported to have levitated into the air for four minutes in front of a crowd of 150 witnesses.

Yogi’s feat was publicly observed and photographed in an exhibition that occurred in South India. The feat was executed around noon on a sunny, cloudless day and in an area where visibility was not obscured. The Illustrated London News printed the story and photos which were taken from various angles by P. T. Plunkett who was a witness present that day and scrutinized the entire event.

Secret Behind Indian Guru Levitation Revealed

Yogi Pullavar’s assistants erected a small tent in an open area where Pullavar began by ritualistically pouring a circle of water around the perimeter of the tent. Shoes were not permitted within the area marked by the circle. Yogi Pullavar then entered the tent where he remained hidden from view for a few minutes, after which the attendants then removed the tent. Once revealed, Yogi Pullavar was seen suspended horizontally several feet above the ground. He was in a trance, lightly resting his hand on top of a cloth covered stick.

Secret Behind Indian Guru Levitation Revealed

It was asserted by witnesses present that Yogi did not exert pressure on the stick for support, but instead used it as a point of reference. Many photographs were taken from various angles of this exhibition and witnesses present were permitted to thoroughly examine the levitation. They meticulously searched for strings, props and any means of possible support above, below and around the levitating Pullavar, however nothing was found.

After four minutes the attendants erected the tent around Yogi Pullavar to shield him as he made his descent. P.Y. Plunkett positioned himself so that the sunlight enabled him to discern Pullavar through the thin cloth tent walls. He reported noticing Yogi Pullavar gently swaying for a short time while still in mid-air. Finally, he slowly sank in a horizontal position to the ground. The entire process took an estimated five minutes to complete.

When the tent was again removed, Yogi Pullavar was lying on the ground, still in a deep trance. Volunteers were asked to try to bend Pullavar’s limbs. His arms and legs could not be bent from their locked position. Attendants had to splash water on Yogi Pullavar and rub him down for five minutes before he finally came out of his trance and was once again able to use his limbs.
Secret Behind Indian Guru Levitation Revealed

Historically, there have been many other accounts of people levitating. Within a large diversity religions, ranging from Western Christians to the Eastern Ninjas of Japan, many reports have emerged regarding levitatation. Such instances of witnessed levitation include Milarepa, a great thirteenth century yogi of Tibet, who is said to have levitated before a group. The most persistent records of levitations are among Christians who have documented such events and indicate that over 200 of their Catholic Saints have been credited with levitating.

Many religions tell stories of levitation. Some of the best records of levitation are told in Christian documents which report over 200 Catholic Saints levitated. Milarepa, the great thirteenth century yogi of Tibet also had he ability to levitate. The Ninja of Japan also reportedly mastered levitation. Some believe the builders of the megalithic monuments and the pyramids may have levitated the stones for those ancient monuments.




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