CDC Whistleblower Exposes Ebola Vaccinations Containing RFID Chips

A CDC whistleblower has recently gone on record to expose nefarious government plans which would ...

CDC Whistleblower Exposes Ebola Vaccinations Containing RFID Chips

A CDC whistleblower has recently gone on record to expose nefarious government plans which would use the impending US Ebola pandemic as an opportunity to implant RFID technology in American citizens.

Brent Hopskins was a CDC contractor before coming forward with serious allegations against his former employer. Hopskins claims that an Ebola vaccine has been prepared for the general public in the form of disposable, one-use syringes. The downside, however, is that each of these syringes will contain not only the vaccine, but a micro RFID chip as well.

CDC officials intend to issue these syringe packages to over 200, 000 households by December 1st. Consumers will also be able to request the Ebola vaccine at their local drug store.Hopskins also indicates that the RFID chip will work toward more easily identifying and separating those who have been inoculated and those who have not. Individuals who refuse to receive the Ebola vaccination will face serious hurdles in gaining employment, visiting public places, obtaining future medical care, and even potential prison time.

CDC Whistleblower Exposes Ebola Vaccinations Containing RFID Chips

During correspondence with National Report, Brent Hopskins is quoted as saying, “I cannot sit idly by as these atrocities unfold… The American government wants to implant RFID chips in every man, woman and child. They are now using the threat of Ebola to push this nefarious plot. The public is forced to make a decision between the horrible demise that Ebola offers, or relinquish every ounce of their privacy by getting an RFID chip implanted under their skin.

Many Americans have expressed concern that the CDC officials are collaborating with the government to use this new system as a way to introduce martial law. Others, such as popular radio host, Alex Jones, insist that the deadly virus was deliberately planted on US soil to thin the ever-growing population. As Hopskins puts it, “This is a baby step towards complete control of the masses who have grown increasingly frustrated and distrustful of the powers that be. The ultimate goal of the United States Government is to enslave all people who fall bellow a particular tax bracket and Ebola is how they’re going to do it.”

People who work 40 hours a week can’t even afford to feed there family. You have a government in the us run by a puppet the worlds most powerful country reduced to a slave of the so called world bank who hide behind there tool the United Nations. Country’s agenda are run by this organization because if the massive debts they have accrued through the world banks nefarious interest rated etc. and the Russians and chines governments have become outcasts again because they want to change it all of a sudden we have a secret Cold War again why because they refuse to bow to this secret society of people inslaving bastards. There propaganda war has been going on for generations now the wars going on aren’t coincident they want this war it’s good for there agendas. It make one think was the state of Izrael created for the express purpose of creating an unstable state to keep the worlds attention focused on this rather then the bigger picture.

CDC Whistleblower Exposes Ebola Vaccinations Containing RFID Chips

There’s chips in your phone, your PC, your tablet, your car, your television set & in just about every major appliance you own and use on a daily basis.

So? I doesn’t have to be. The fact that you can even read this article means that your worst fears are confirmed. They know who and where you are. They know your reading habits, eating habits and sleeping habits. They know what gets you off and what fires you up.

2. Voice your discontent with the understanding that nothing is going to change. You don’t have to like the way things are but it’s a pointless argument. Like trying to change the color of the sky by bitching about it to everyone you know.

4. Stop getting worked up over the fear mongering media and simply try to enjoy your life. It’ll end for you like it ends for us all, in death.




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