ISIS Teaches Children How To Perform Beheadings On Other Children.

ISIS Teaches Children How To Perform Beheadings On Other Children.

This is truly a living nightmare that is here and is not going away. The Islamic terror group ISIS is now focusing it’s efforts on recruiting children, the next generation of terrorists.

They are posting videos of their training camps showing kids firing weapons as big as they are. But they are being trained for more than just firing weapons. They are being taught how to behead other children.

One child is shown wearing a ski mask holding an AK-47 onto a makeshift firing platform. He pulls the trigger and then staggers from the recoil.

Reaching into the hearts and minds of the next generation of terrorists has become the number one focus of the extremist networks spreading from Syria to Iraq.

A 13-year-old boy told CNN he fled to Turkey after he was solicited by ISIS to go to a children’s terror camp.

“My friends and I were studying at the mosque, and they taught us that we should enroll in jihad with the Islamic state,” said the child Mohammed . “I wanted to go, but my father did not allow me to.”

The boys dad said ISIS terrorists showed up at the family’s house after learning he had forbidden his son from attending.

They said, “If you prevent Mohammed from coming to the camp, we will cut off your head,” his father told reporters. So the boy went.

He said the children in his camp jogged every day, read the Koran and learned how to use weapons and complete horrible vicious attacks through demonstrations.


“We saw a young man who did not fast for Ramadan, so they crucified him for three days, and we saw a woman being stoned because she committed adultery. At times we were forced to watch people get their heads cut off,” Mohamed a told the cable network.

Eventually, the father was able to persuade camp leaders to let his son go. Then the family immediately fled to Turkey.



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