Memories Transplanted With Organs [VIDEO]

By Kowality Jesus

I recently came across an interesting and novel phenomenon via a remarkable fact I read on It seems organ recipients sometimes have living memories or peculiar affinities which somehow carried over along from their donor. Can the ‘Ship of Theseus’ that arrives with new oars, planks, and sail be considered the same ship that left port?

Ethically, very few religions around the world actually have a problem with organ harvesting and transplantation. With reference to harvesting from the brain-dead, Pius XII said that knowledge of when death occurs is the domain of medical science. However some Judaic authorities take issue with harvesting the organs of a brain-dead individual because anything that will stop the heart beating causes death. Even Jehovah’s Witnesses have changed their stance since the 1980s, excluding the acceptance of an organ from their definition of cannibalism (which includes accepting blood transfusions).

However, no religions to my knowledge presently acknowledge the idea that a person may somehow be incarnate after their death when another person has accepted that person’s organ. Enter the present strange and unexplainable phenomena.

Paul Pearsall has actually written a book about the phenomenon of people retaining memories from their organ donors called “The Heart’s Code.” There are many fascinating case studies of people who have mysterious knowledge or tendencies which appeared after they accepted another person’s organ, especially when they have accepted another person’s heart. Among the strangest cases are two in which the recipient changed sexual orientation, several in which children can mysteriously identify their donor’s parents or facts about their donor’s life, and a man who has a recurring dream of the murder of his donor.

Also see the BBC documentary broaching the subject:



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