Scientists Discover The Human Stupidity Virus!

Scientists Discover The Human Stupidity Virus!

Here’s something new to be scared about and to live in fear of! — The ACTV-1 virus! It WILL make you stupid! This is a virus now found and proven by researchers to infect its victims making them stupid forever. The newly discovered virus attacks an infected person’s brain and makes them way less smart than they had been before. The virus exists in most freshwater sources so people should be frightened and more careful.

Brain activities such as visual processing, and spatial or mechanical awareness become less sharp in those infected according to the research tests conducted at Johns Hopkins Medical School and at the University of Nebraska. Out of 90 subjects in this study 40 of them were found to have tested positive for and now have ACTV-1, also now known as the ‘Stupidity Virus.’ It was in their bodies already when the study’s tests got started. This is a mean virus that makes you DUMB. Intelligence and talent the infected person used to have disappears entirely as this insane virus takes effect in the body.

Scientists have PROVEN that these ACTV-1 viral organisms cause psychological changes in our brains without triggering the person’s protective immune system responses. This virus lives next to the green algae widely found in all kinds of ponds and lakes where people swim, fish and drink from. It causes permanent stupidity and extreme dumbness. The lead researcher of this study, Dr. Robert Yolken, a virus specialist, says, “ACTV-1 is an excellent example that even the common germs all people carry can affect their behavior and thoughts. Every person on earth carries varying DNA, but most of the coded gene sets are influenced by microbes alive inside of us all!” Watch out for this one, it could make you so dumb you wouldn’t even know it!



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