'Crashed UFO' spotted in the Antarctic

A Russian ET-hunter says he has found the wreckage of a UFO – using Google Earth.

Valentin Degterev from the city of Nizhny Tagil in central Russia who calls himself a "researcher of the unknown" claims a huge unidentified object that can be seen lying half-buried in the ice-land wastes of Antarctica is in fact a flying saucer which crashed three years ago.

Posting pictures and the Google Earth coordinates onto social media, Degterey said: "I found the unique object using the online service of Google Earth in Antarctica.

"In amongst the endless ice desert, it is the most genuine UFO in its most classic shape."

The satellite image was taken on 15 February 2012 but now that Valentin has published his report it has quickly gone viral in Russia.UFO In Antarctica?

He added: "I think there is very large disc-shaped flying machine amongst the frozen ice."

And the alien hunter who gives the coordinates as 80°34'08.4"S 30°05’19.3"W estimates the UFO to be a whopping 204 feet wide and 40 feet tall.

He added: "I do not presume to know exactly what it is.

"It is definitely not a polar station, nor a plane (as there aren't any airplanes or helicopters this big in the world).

"There also aren’t any ships lost in Antarctica.

"It seems this is a man-made object from the distant cosmos."

Social media users have been quick to respond.

One, Savely Kruglov, wrote: "You might be onto something here. The Antarctic is pretty desolate and would be a good place to land without being noticed."

Another, Irma Bogdanova, said: "Wow!!!! Well spotted. I wonder what happened to those inside…"

While Nina Lavrova posted: "This is bollocks! It is clearly just a massive indent in the snow." 

By Libby Plummer ,Yahoo


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