Miraculous Or CGI? Footage Showing A Statue Of Jesus Moving Its Head

In a turn of events for those wishing that God or Jesus from the Holy Bible would soon appear, here comes a little, yet a very viral event that's occurring across the world and on the internet. Posted at the radio show Coast To Coast AM's website there is this video of a procession (a term used to describe a parade or walking during a religious ceremony).

Miraculous Or CGI? Footage Showing A Statue Of Jesus Moving Its Head

This turns out to be a walk of the Catholic faith and the typical parade for the religious holiday. What isn't expected is what comes next. Jesus, in the form of a doll (in the fact that it is a fake statue), carries the cross He was said to have been crucified on. As you watch this video, the doll just before a musical instrument plays this doll's head, the Jesus' head, seems to move left to the right, and then makes two moves upwards as to lift His head. It does seem windy, and the only part of this doll figure that seems to move is the Jesus' head.

If you're looking for some proof of the existence of Jesus, this could be the "smoking gun" evidence you may need. The movement of the head is deliberate in the fact that the Jesus figure doesn't move as much when there is the wind, but the head movement is undeniable.


At the onset, you tend to believe that this is a person in a costume making this movement, but it isn't. Rewind of the video doesn't show any movement of the figure's body, and when the head is moving, these aren't just a movement, it's almost a religious experience as the head seems to be lifting to the sky. Bleeding portraits and statues have been the most recent of evidence of a possible miracle occurring when it comes to these beliefs. People have stated to have images of Jesus and Mary, and God appear to them, and this is a proof of evidence. Can we add this filmed evidence to the growing number of what is to be believed "miracle sightings" in 2016?

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